Flight Of The Day!
Date: 6/4/2017
Pilot: Ralph Strahm
Glider: SGS 1-34

Description: 1 hour 21 minutes.

YouTube Video Take a flight with us and experience the Joy Of Soaring!

You can also share the experience with another passenger in our Schwiezer 2-32 glider!

Introductory, orientation flights are offered for people of all ages who want to experience the Joy of Soaring, to fly without an engine - like a hawk. We often follow them - because they're always in the best lift! You'll be accompanied by one of our FAA Commercially Rated Pilots and you'll be able to spend your time enjoying what every glider pilot lives for!

Checkout our Youth Program.

Did you know that 14 year old Students Pilots who meet the requirements and have the authorization from an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor, Glider can Solo a Glider? That's right, the FAA recognizes that young people who apply themselves and recieve the appropriate training and exhibit the skills and judgment to do so can fly a glider by themselves 2 before they cn drive a car alone.

LESC wants to foster this and has created a Youth Program where young pilots can earn while they learn. For each day they work the line, helping other pilots launch, recover and move thier gliders on the airport, the student will earn a free lesson and tow.

What's New at LESC
Bill Wright Earns His "C" Badge

Congratulations to Bill Wright for demonstrating the accuracy landing required to complete his "C" Badge.  This demonstrates the skills needed to move on to the next horizon - working on the Bronze Badge and after gettting his Pricate Pilot, Glider add on, some cross-country flying.

Awesome job Bill!

Congratulations to LESC's newly rated Glider Pilot

Jerry Lees, Private Pioot, Glider Join me in congrating LESC's newest Glider Pilot, Jerry Lees.  Jerry worked hard and passed his Private Pilot, Glider Practical Test today.

Next time you see him at the airport, make sure you give him a hardy pat on the back for a job well done!

Remotely Piloted Aircraft

All LESC Pilots, 

Just wanted to pass to everyone that the FAA approved a route for USAF MQ-9 Remotely Piloted Aircraft to transit from March ARB to Camp Pendleton's R2503 airspace. 

When transitioning the MQ-9 will be at 8500'msl headed from March to R2503 and 9500'msl from R2503 back to March.

The MQ-9 will have a chase aircraft.  Please be advised that the FAA Part 91.113 Right of Way Rules do not address Remotely Piloted Aircraft, and that the MQ-9 has no sensors to see or avoid us.

The camera for traffic pattern flight is similar to looking through binoculars, so assume they cannot see you.   

For reference the MQ-9 Reaper is a large (66' wing span, 36' long) turbo prop aircraft (950 horse power) capable of carrying 3800 lbs. of weapons.

Typical departure and patter speeds from 100-120KIAS.

Joel "Beef" Heft