Flight Of The Day!
Date: 9/13/2017
Pilot: Richard Woodall
Glider: Krosno

Description: Commercial Pilot, Glider Practical Test!

YouTube Video Take a flight with us and experience the Joy Of Soaring!

You can also share the experience with another passenger in our Schwiezer 2-32 glider!

Introductory, orientation flights are offered for people of all ages who want to experience the Joy of Soaring, to fly without an engine - like a hawk. We often follow them - because they're always in the best lift! You'll be accompanied by one of our FAA Commercially Rated Pilots and you'll be able to spend your time enjoying what every glider pilot lives for!

Checkout our Youth Program.

Did you know that 14 year old Students Pilots who meet the requirements and have the authorization from an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor, Glider can Solo a Glider? That's right, the FAA recognizes that young people who apply themselves and recieve the appropriate training and exhibit the skills and judgment to do so can fly a glider by themselves 2 before they cn drive a car alone.

LESC wants to foster this and has created a Youth Program where young pilots can earn while they learn. For each day they work the line, helping other pilots launch, recover and move thier gliders on the airport, the student will earn a free lesson and tow.

What's New at LESC
9/20/2017 LESC Flight Operations Cancelled
With no towpilots scheduled, LESC flight operations for Wednesday, September 20, 2017 have been cancelled.

I recieved the wrong part  for the broken tailwheel on 88W.  Its going to take at least another week to get the correct part, if it is available.

No Flight Operations the weekend of October 14 &15

Chicks Rock 2017LESC's landlord, Skydive Elsinore will be holding thier annual Chick's Rock event October 12 - 15.  This event requires the use of the entire airport and as such, no glider flight operations will be conducted October 14 or 15, 2017.

Pete Schutte achieves both his C and Bronze Badges

Pete Schutte had almost everything completed for both his C and Bronze Badges.  All he needed to wrap things up were the observed landings required for both and we were able to wrap those up today.  Then he completed the Bronze Badge test and now he has both his C and Bronze Badges.  

This is a noteworthy accomplishment and Pete deserves congratulations for his achievements.

Awesome job Pete!



Trevin Gillies First Solo!

Congratulations to Trevin Gillies on his First Solo Flight!  I'm sure most of you, at least those who fly on Sundays, know Trevin as one of the Line Crew.  Trevin has worked hard for his lessons and has now experienced the fun of flying without that annoying chatter coming from the back seat.

Join me in congratuling Trevin on his achievement!  Cool