RIV - R2503 UAV Transition Route

The FAA approved a route for USAF MQ-9 Remotely Piloted Aircraft to transit from March ARB to Camp Pendleton's R2503 airspace.

RIV-Wolfskill departure RIV to R2503 Sectional RIV to R2503

Useful Information

When transitioning the MQ-9 will be at 8500'msl headed from March to R2503 and 9500'msl from R2503 back to March.

The MQ-9 will have a chase aircraft. Please be advised that the FAA Part 91.113 Right of Way Rules do not address Remotely Piloted Aircraft, and that the MQ-9 has no sensors to see or avoid us. The camera for traffic pattern flight is similar to looking through binoculars, so assume they cannot see you.

For reference the MQ-9 Reaper is a large (66' wing span, 36' long) turbo prop aircraft (950 horse power) capable of carrying 3800 lbs. of weapons. Typical departure and patter speeds from 100-120KIAS.

MQ-9 MQ-9